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Download23 Apr 2017Lidcombe AM The LORD is My Banner: He Wars Against My Enemies Exodus 17:8-16 ExodusEugene Hor
Download23 Apr 2017Burwood AM The Magnificient Seven Acts 6:1-7ActsJoe Mock
Download23 Apr 2017Lidcombe PM God and Babylon - the Collision of Cultures Daniel 1DanielSimon Wong
Download16 Apr 2017Lidcombe AM There is Someone In Control When I'm Not Hebrews 2:5-18ExodusEugene Hor
Download16 Apr 2017Burwood AM What Does It Mean To Have Easter Faith? Philippians 3:1-11PhilippiansJoe Mock
Download16 Apr 2017Lidcombe PM Who is The LORD? Exodus 5:1-7:7ExodusEugene Hor
Download09 Apr 2017Lidcombe AM Grumbling in the Desert Exodus 15:22 - 17:7ExodusEugene Hor
Download14 Apr 2017Lidcombe AM The Suffering Servant Isaiah 52:13-53:12Easter Friday ServiceOwen Seto
Download09 Apr 2017Lidcombe PM The Unwilling Saviour Exodus 3:1-4:17ExodusEugene Hor
Download02 Apr 2017Lidcombe AM The Red Sea Battle Exodus 13:17-14:31ExodusEugene Hor
Download09 Apr 2017Burwood AM The Evil of Hypocrisy ang the Need for Wholeheartedness Acts 4:32 - 5:11ActsJoseph Hwang
Download02 Apr 2017Burwood AM Spirit Empowered Boldness Acts 4ActsOwen Seto
Download26 Mar 2017Lidcombe AM The Palestinian Gourmet Traveller: Playing Our Part In Ministry Luke 10:1-20ExodusLawrence Tan
Download26 Mar 2017Burwood AM In Jesus' Name Acts 3ActsOwen Seto
Download26 Mar 2017Lidcombe PM The Raising of a Saviour Exodus 2:1-10ExodusEugene Hor
Download19 Mar 2017Lidcombe AM The Lords Passover, Our Passover Exodus 11-13ExodusEugene Hor
Download19 Mar 2017Burwood AM The Crucified and Risen Christ Acts 2:22-41ActsOwen Seto
Download19 Mar 2017Lidcombe PM The Children of Promise Threatened, But Not Destroyed Exodus 1Exodus Eugene Hor
Download12 Mar 2017Lidcombe AM The LORD Of All The Earth Exodus 7:8-10:29ExodusEugene Hor
Download12 Mar 2017Burwood AM The Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit Acts 2:1-21ActsOwen Seto
Download12 Mar 2017Lidcombe PM The Gospel Unhindered Acts 27-28ActsSimon Wong
Download05 Mar 2017Lidcombe AM Who Is The Lord? Exodus 5:1-7:7ExodusEugene Hor
Download05 Mar 2017Burwood AM You Will Be My Witnesses Acts 1:1-11ActsOwen Seto
Download05 Mar 2017Lidcombe PM Losing Well In the Christian Life Acts 24-25ActsSimon Wong
Download26 Feb 2017Lidcombe AM The Unwilling Saviour Exodus 3:1-4:17ExodusEugene Hor
Download26 Feb 2017Burwood PM Only Faith In Christ Alone Saves Galatians 3:1-14GalatiansEugene Hor
Download19 Feb 2017Burwood PM Faith + Anything = Nothing Galatians 2:11-21GalatiansEugene Hor
Download26 Feb 2017Burwood AM The Joy Of Praying For Others Ephesians 6:18-20Vision SeriesOwen Seto
Download26 Feb 2017Lidcombe PM The Cost Of Serving The Gospel Acts 21:1 - 22:22ActsJeremy Kwok
Download12 Feb 2017Lidcombe AM The Raising of A Saviour Exodus 2ExodusEugene Hor
Download19 Feb 2017Burwood AM Speaking The Truth In Love Ephesians 4: 11-16Vision SeriesOwen Seto
Download12 Feb 2017Burwood AM Growing Together in the Gospel Ephesians 4:11-13Vision SeriesOwen Seto
Download19 Feb 2017Lidcombe PM The Gospel Is The Power Of Jesus Acts 19:-20ActsBrendan Leighton
Download12 Feb 2017Lidcombe PM Paul and the Ephesian Elders Acts 20:13-38Acts Peter Hughes
Download05 Feb 2017Lidcombe AM The Children of Promise Threatened, But Not Destroyed Exodus 1ExodusEugene Hor
Download05 Feb 2017Burwood PM No Other Gospel Galatians 1:1-10GalatiansEugene Hor
Download05 Feb 2017Burwood AM Growing Our Shared Joy In the Gospel Ephesians 1: 3-10Vision SeriesOwen Seto
Download05 Feb 2017Lidcombe PM The True Experience of Preaching the Gospel Acts 18:1-11Acts 18Simon Wong
Download29 Jan 2017Lidcombe AM Being Wise With Outsiders Colossians 4:2-6ColossiansCraig Tucker
Download29 Jan 2017Burwood PM The Mission of Jesus Matthew 9:1-17MatthewDanny Lam
Download22 Jan 2017Burwood PM The Authentic Jesus Matthew 8:18-34MatthewMatthew Chan
Download29 Jan 2017Burwood AM The Choice Between Wisdom And Folly Proverbs 9:1-18Wisdom For LifeJoe Mock
Download29 Jan 2017Lidcombe PM The Wisdom of Valuing Purity Proverbs 5ProverbsJeremy Kwok
Download22 Jan 2017Lidcombe AM Perfect Peace Philippians 4:2-9Topicals on justice, mercy and gospel partnershipsBruce Meller
Download15 Jan 2017Burwood PM The Authority of Jesus Matthew 8:1-17MatthewThomas Lai
Download22 Jan 2017Burwood AM The Wisdom of Valuing Purity Proverbs 5Wisdom For LifeOwen Seto
Download22 Jan 2017Lidcombe PM The Wisdom of Receiving Rebuke Proverbs 9ProverbsSimon Wong
Download15 Jan 2017Lidcombe AM Your Direction Determines Your Destiny Hebrews 10:19-25Topicals on justice, mercy and gospel partnershipsEugene Hor
Download15 Jan 2017Burwood AM The Wisdom of Trusting In God's Guidance Proverbs 3:1-12Wisdom For LifeOwen Seto
Download15 Jan 2017Lidcombe PM The Wisdom of Trusting In God's Guidance Proverbs 3:1-12ProverbsOwen Seto
Download08 Jan 2017Lidcombe AM Why We Should Give Thanks To God! Psalm 136Peter Lau
Download11 Dec 2016Burwood PM Jesus, The Shepherd King? Matthew 2Christmas SeriesEugene Hor
Download08 Jan 2017Burwood AM The Pursuit of Wisdom Proverbs 2Wisdom For LifeOwen Seto
Download08 Jan 2017Lidcombe PM The Pursuit Of Wisdom Proverbs 2ProverbsDavid Loon
Download01 Jan 2017Lidcombe AM Seek God And Live! Amos 5Eugene Hor
Download01 Jan 2017Burwood AM The Wisdom Of The Fear Of The LORD Proverbs 1:1-7Wisdom For LifeBrendan Leighton
Download01 Jan 2017Lidcombe PM The Wisdom Of The Fear of the Lord Proverbs 1:1-7Proverbs Brendan Leighton

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